Exchange unpaid invoices for cash in 48 hours

Secured invoice factoring

Eliminate the 90-day waiting period

We understand the importance of cash flow in keeping businesses operational, and how this can be stalled by unpaid invoices.

How it works for Suppliers seeking to raise capital

After successfully verifying your identity and status as a supplier to any of our listed corporate businesses (anchors), you will be able to list invoices due to you in the future, at a discounted rate for investors to purchase your claim to the invoices, providing you the cash needed now to keep operations running.

How it works for Investors

An investor is the fancy name we call everyone who is willing to provide working capital for businesses in exchange for their invoices due in the future. Verified vendors routinely list invoices payable by identified corporate businesses on our platform. As an investor, you can purchase the claim to that invoice from the vendor at a discounted rate and receive the full payment from the corporate businesses.

How it works for Corporate Businesses

Corporate businesses are normally plagued with necessary procedures that become consequential bottlenecks to quick payments to suppliers. Capsa helps your suppliers access working capital provided by third party investors who then claim the invoices due to your suppliers. This solution provides a more efficient and seamless procurement process for you and your suppliers.

How it works for Suppliers

List business invoices due to you in the future. Investors bid to buy them at a competitive rate.  We sell them to investors so you can use the cash for operating expenses.

For Investors

Get access to verified invoices due in the future. Purchase the claim to an invoice at a discounted rate so you can receive full payment at a due date.

For Corporate Businesses

Flexibility to extend payable days, keep more cash in-house without pressure from their suppliers.

Trusted ecosystem partners

We’re partners with countless major organisations around the globe

Why Capsa?

Our platform provides a flexible and innovative short term financing solution for small businesses.We have built a network of reputable companies as partners who provide cover to both small businesses and the investor

Features you will love

  • Competitive price – Access to multiple lenders
  • Convenience – Sell invoice from the comfort of your home
  • Speed – Exchange your invoice for cash in 48 hours.

Get full protection from our insurance partners

Choose one partner, keep your investments insured.

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